You have a huge project ahead of you. Your home improvement project may involve bathroom renovations, or it may simply involve spring cleaning. Either way, you’ll have a lot of waste on your

For that reason, you’ve decided to rent a skip bin. But you worry that this rental, like all other rentals, might land you with fines if you use it improperly or damage it. You already have

As far as skip bins are concerned, most people use them incorrectly by putting dangerous waste inside them. Dispose of the following items outside of your skip bin if you deal with them during

1. Household Cleaners

As a general rule, you should not place anything in your skip bin that could contaminate the environment or soak into the bin’s sides. Cleaners can cause serious contamination problems. Not

2. Pesticides and Herbicides

A similar rule applies to pesticides and herbicides. Manufacturers specifically make these chemicals harmful so they can kill the weeds and insect pests in your yard. Now imagine what those

3. Paints

Paint may seem innocuous next to cleaners, pesticides and other substances. However, paint also contains poisonous chemicals and releases fumes, so you cannot put it in your skip bin alongside

If you have leftover paint, donate it to young people who want to paint their first apartment. Or take it to the same place as your pesticides or cleaners. In any case, you don’t want the

4. Motor Oil, Coolant, Etc.

You know that your vehicle has a significant carbon footprint because of the fossil fuels your car burns. So if you throw away fossil fuels like motor oil along with the rest of your trash,

5. Car Batteries

All batteries-but especially car batteries-can leak toxic chemicals into the soil around them. Just as you left the materials above with a hazardous waste company, you should do the same with

6. Appliances and Electronics

You may have an old refrigerator or television you want to get rid of as you renovate. However, these items can’t go in your skip bin either. They might leak coolant, which makes them just

7. Propane Tanks

With the right heat and pressure conditions, propane tanks can explode and destroy the skip bin. They also have the potential to injure anyone in the bin’s proximity. Don’t put your tanks

8. Asbestos

Some companies offer bins specifically for asbestos. But if you didn’t order one of these bins, don’t put this harmful material with the rest of your waste. The asbestos could crumble, release

9. Sensitive Documents

Nobody will fine you if you put confidential information in your skip bin. However, identity thieves could snatch your documents and use them to steal money and more. Shred these documents

As long as you use your skip bin properly, you don’t have to worry about any complications. Avoid putting the above items in your bin so everything goes smoothly.


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