Rental inspections are rarely convenient for tenants. They seem to come around quicker than you anticipate. However, they are a necessary evil to guarantee the landlord the property is being looked after. But as a renter, you do not want property managers to have a reason to keep inspecting the house too often.

In Western Australia, landlords can routinely inspect the property up to four times a year. If the landlord is not available, an appointed agent may carry out the inspection. According to the law, you should receive a seven to 14 days’ notice about the upcoming property check-up. That means you have adequate time to ensure the home in its best shape, specifically on this special day.

Typically, the inspection will include the following:

  • Cleanliness and tidiness of the property
  • The present condition of the house, mainly how it is currently maintained
  • The state of the grounds or backyard, such as the grass is too high, plants are watered, and lawn requires mowing
  • Damages that may have occurred in the property
  • Replacements or repairs required
  • The number of people in the house
  • Absence of pets when they are not allowed in the property
  • Other maintenance issues that should be examined

To make sure that you do not miss anything, you can prepare a rental inspection checklist as you give the house a once-over. Here are the things that your list should contain:

  • Hire a Skip Bin

    First and foremost, you know that it will be a very long day. When you clean up the place, you will end up with a lot of mess. And most of the junk should be thrown away. You cannot rely on the bin in the house because it does not have enough space. It’s why you should contact Backyard Bins to hire a skip bin for your clean-up project.

    Since you have at least seven days to prepare for the rental inspection, you have plenty of time to take care of the rubbish. Hire the right size, so you do not have to worry about the items you want to get rid of before the inspection.

    Take note of the things you can and cannot put in the skip bin. Many items are acceptable, including green and household waste. However, you cannot put asbestos, tyres, and batteries. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to talk to our friendly staff.

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  • Tidy Up The Place

    The hard work now begins. You already know that the property should be presentable when the property manager or landlord enters. It should be almost as clean as the time you first moved in. Check for the following issues and resolve them right away:

    • Holes in walls
    • Dusty surfaces
    • Dirty floors
    • Foggy windows
    • Cobwebs
    • Visible fingerprints on the wall and other surfaces

    If you see general wear and tear, don’t panic. It should not be a problem, especially if it has been there since you moved into the house. If there is anything that might impede the agent’s path as they walk in, you might want to remove it.

  • Clean the Bathroom and Laundry

    Landlords and agents are quite meticulous when it comes to bathroom inspections. Therefore, you should put in extra effort to make the surfaces gleam. Tile grout should be scrubbed while also paying attention to drains and taps. Scour the shower, sink, countertops, and bathtub. Toilets should be flushed and keep the washer and dryer clean. Any mould and soap scum should be removed.

  • Check and Clean the Kitchen

    Counters should be washed, as well as the dishes and cutlery. Wipe down appliances, such as the refrigerator. It should be clean both on the outside and inside. All tiles and surfaces should be polished, too.

  • Empty the Cupboards, Cabinets, and Storage Spaces

    Inspect all the storage spaces, including cupboards and cabinets. Remove unwanted items and dispose of them properly in the skip bin. If necessary, you can sweep or wipe the cabinets to remove visible smudges and fingerprints.

  • Don’t Forget the Yard and Garden

    Counters should be washed, as well as the dishes and cutlery. Wipe down appliances, such as the refrigerator. It should be clean both on the outside and inside. All tiles and surfaces should be polished, too.

  • Don’t Forget the Yard and Garden

    Whoever is inspecting the house will not just look inside the property. You can be sure that the exterior portion will be checked, as well. Mow the lawns, take some time to do some weeding, and cut back unruly bushes. The goal here is to make sure you do not leave the impression that a lot of maintenance work will be required once you choose to move out.

    It is easy to see why many tenants neglect the garden and yard during rental inspections. The upkeep can be too much, even when the area is small. It’s why it is a good idea to maintain this outdoor space regularly. That way, you do not have to rush the clean-up process when it is time for the routine inspection.

    If pets are allowed in the property, ensure that there is no poo on the ground. Animal waste, however, should not be placed inside the skip bin. 

    The property should not stink either; otherwise, it tells the inspector that they should watch the house closer.

  • Ditch Other Junk

    Are there old furniture pieces or broken appliances inside? Any unwanted items should not be stashed at the side of the house. Remove them and dispose of them correctly. The good news is that you can place all that junk inside the skip bin you have hired from Backyard Bins. There are some conditions, such as making sure that you do not overfill it. Degassing may be required for freezers and fridges. You can hire an extra skip bin or a bigger one if you need more space. Please check the sizes and prices on this page. Then, you may schedule the collection when you’re done with the clean-up tasks.

Rental inspections, believe it or not, are not performed to see if you’re cleaning the house. The goal is to actually find problems that may require attention, such as repairs. The property manager, landlord, or agent will also want to know if the tenants are looking after the place properly.

It is pretty nerve-wracking as you wait for the landlord or agent, but do not panic. The inspection should only take about 10 minutes or so with the agent looking for significant damage and other issues. As long as you did your job cleaning up the place, you will surely pass the rental inspection with flying colours.


Backyard Bins Team

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