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Skip Bins in Perth:


  • Backyard Bins supplies a huge range of skip bins in all sizes, available for hire across the southern suburbs of Perth.
  • Flexible hire periods. If you require a bin for extra time, there’s no extra charge!
  • Servicing most suburbs south of the river.
  • Most of our skip bins have drop down ramps at the back of the bin for wheelbarrow or walk in access, making rubbish removal easy. The only exceptions are the 10m³ bins, which have a low back end. However, this still allows for easy access.


When deciding on what skip bin size is right for you, remember that 1 cubic metre is equivalent to approximately 1 flat trailer load of rubbish. If you’d like more information or guidance, please get in touch with our knowledgeable team and we’ll help you determine which skip bin rental option is the most appropriate for your needs.

Bin sizes

We provide top quality skip bins to commercial, industrial and domestic clients throughout Perth. Our bins are available in the following sizes:

Our 2m3 skip bin

2m³ skip bin

Width: 1.6m

Height: 0.9m

Length: 1.8m

From $200

Our 3m3 bin

3m³ skip bin

Width: 1.6m

Height: 1.2m

Length: 2.0m

From $260

Our 4m³ skip bin

4m³ skip bin

Width: 1.6m

Height: 1.2m

Length: 2.3m

From $330

Our 5m³ skip bin

5m³ skip bin

Width: 1.6m

Height: 1.2m

Length: 3.1m

From $400

Our 6m³ skip bin

6m³ skip bin

Width: 1.6m

Height: 1.2m

Length: 3.6m

From $460

Our 8m³ skip bin

8m³ skip bin

Width: 1.6m

Height: 1.2m

Length: 4.5m

From $550

Our 9m³ skip bin

9m³ skip bin

Width: 1.5m

Height: 1.5m

Length: 3.6m

From $580

Our 10m³ skip bin

10m³ skip bin

Width: 1.53m

Height: 1.8m

Length: 3.9m

From $610

Please note the following details as they pertain to bin rental:

  • All of the above measurements are approximate and are taken from the top of the skip bin. All bins taper down towards the bottom of the bin.
  • All skip bin sizes quoted are in cubic metres and inclusive of GST.
  • Skip bin hire prices quoted below are for Perth’s south and some northern suburbs close to the city.
  • When ordering a skip bin, please make sure you request the right type of bin for your needs. If the wrong products are found in the wrong bin, an invoice will be issued for extra charges.
  • Skip hire periods are flexible. Rental prices quoted are for up to seven days, but if you require a little longer, we will not charge extra rental fees. Please let us know of any changes immediately so we can re-arrange the collection date.

Bin prices

General light waste skip bins


General light waste is classed as household junk, green waste (NO tree stumps), timber, furniture, white goods, metals, cardboard, paper, and plastics. These bins MUST NOT contain any soil, sand, brick, concrete, tiles, building rubble or turf. (See 'Mixed Waste' prices for this kind of material). No asbestos or car tyres in any bin. (See 'Asbestos' bin prices below).Bin hire period is flexible, usually 5-7 days, but if you need longer we don't charge any extra!
  • 2m³ - $200

  • 3m³ - $260

  • 4m³ - $330

  • 5m³ - $400

  • 6m³ - $460

  • 7m³ - $510

  • 8m³ - $550

  • 9m³ - $580

  • 10m³ - $610

  • 12m³ - $670

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Mixed waste skip bins


You can have a mixture of any products in this type of bin, including general light waste, greenwaste (NO tree stumps), soil, brick, concrete, tiles, rubble, and turf. (No asbestos or car tyres in any bin). Oversized concrete incurs extra charges, please enquire first.Bin hire period is flexible, usually 5-7 days, but if you need longer we don't charge any extra!
  • 2m³ - $220

  • 3m³ - $280

  • 4m³ - $350

  • 5m³ - $430

  • 6m³ - $490

  • 7m³ - $560

  • 8m³ - For very heavy waste, supplied as 2x4m³: $620

  • 9m³ - For very heavy waste, supplied as 1x5m³ & 1x4m³: $670

  • 10m³ - For very heavy waste, supplied as 2x5m³: $720

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Asbestos skip bins


Bins supplied for asbestos are to contain asbestos ONLY. No other waste is to be placed in the same bin. Asbestos MUST be wrapped entirely with plastic, not less than 20um thickness. Each pack of asbestos must contain no more than seven sheets. Each pack must be securely taped so as to prevent asbestos coming free of the wrapping when tipped.No skip bin is to contain any car tyres or liquid waste, such as petrol, oil, chemicals, or any sort of hazardous material.
  • 2m³ - $500

  • 3m³ - $550

  • 4m³ - $600

  • 5m³ - $650

  • 6m³ - $700

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Car battery removal


If you have car batteries to dispose of, we will happily take these away for you as long as they are placed next to the skip bin.
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