Backyard Bins is a socially and environmentally conscious company. It is no secret that rubbish has a major effect on our health. Cities in Australia, including Perth, continue to face great challenges, particularly due to urbanisation.


A major challenge here is the increasing amount of waste. While there are public waste bins that can be used, they are filling up quickly.

Inevitably, the bins overflow before they are collected, which cause cluttered streets. Odours and untidiness are not the only problems. They also have negative health impacts:

  • Rubbish in waste bins is where many types of bacteria and insects thrive. The flies that go to these bins are the same ones that land on your food. These insects increase the risk of contracting health problems from overflowing bins.
  • Air pollution from waste can cause respiratory diseases. When you inhale, your lungs absorb the contaminants and spread them to other parts of the body. Methane and nitrous oxide can cause polluted air and bad odours, which can impact your health.
  • Rubbish, when improperly managed, can go to surface waters that can affect ecosystems. Fish and animals will be put in danger because of the polluted water.

When you handle overflowing waste directly and without proper knowledge, it exposes you to different health risks. Leave it to Backyard Bins to take care of your waste. Our skip bins will keep these health hazards away from you and your family.

Skip bins on street city


There are two main points to consider when it comes to safety: the delivery and use of skip bins.

Rydall, owner of Backyard Bins

1. Before, During, and After Skip Bins Delivery

Rydall Seale is always mindful of the vehicles’ conditions. He follows safety procedures to ensure the skip bins are safe, as well as the people around him. There are usually inspections on the road and it is pertinent that the skip bins are tied down properly, covered, and topped over.

Rydall follows all the road rules and regulations. Not only is there a substantial fine, but there could be dangerous consequences when the bins are not tied properly. We ensure road transportation is conducted in a professional and safe manner at all times.

Rydall has high standards with equipment and vehicles. All trucks should be well maintained regularly, along with the bins, which should always be in their best condition. After all, these bins are the main advertising objects of the firm. They should look like new and sturdy at all times; otherwise, potential customers may not like what they see.

Additionally, if the bins are not in good shape, it can lead to delays and other issues, which affects the efficiency and productivity of the company.

Freshly painted Backyard Bins skip


We work hard to provide as much information to you as possible. We’re always more than happy to answer any questions you may have over the phone. Call us 7 days a week on

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Backyard Bins delivery truck

2. Skip Bin Safety

Lisa and Rydall always provide advice to the customers about how they can keep the skip bins safe, as well as their property. The customers must know about certain safety considerations that may involve preparing the location.

The safety of the bins starts before they are delivered. As much as possible, customers should select a suitable site for them. It should be an area that is stable and on level ground.

Those who may want to leave the skip in a public area should consider other people and vehicles that may pass by. It should not affect local traffic and should be in an area that may not be at risk of collisions.

Backyard Bins encourages the customers to supervise the delivery of the skip. You can provide additional instructions as the skip is being lowered and positioned to the site where you want it to be. Make sure that it is not in the wrong area since it will not be easy to move it without the right lifting equipment.

The most important consideration with skip bins is to never place hazardous waste in them, including:

  • Hard, heavy materials, including sand, tiles, soil, and concrete
  • Renovation materials, such as internal wall timbers
  • Tree trunks, roots, and synthetic grass
  • Insulation, liquids, chemical containers, and other hazardous materials

Asbestos is not allowed to be placed in skip bins. We highly advise you seek professional services when requiring the removal of asbestos. Please note Backyard Bins no longer offers asbestos removal services.

Make sure you do not put any other types of waste in the bin. If you require information, Lisa will be happy to guide you throughout the process.

Another is a car battery. While you can’t place car batteries in skip bins, Backyard Bins can dispose of it for you. However, you should place the battery next to the skip bin and not inside it.

Different waste types
Loaded garbage dumpster


Customers are becoming more conscious of recycling now. Many of Backyard Bins’ customers would even ask about where the rubbish would go to. They would like to know what the company does with the waste.

For instance, they worked with paving bricks and they needed to get rid of them. They would ask us about what to do to them and we would tell them exactly what our plan is. Normally, we would disclose about a recycling station where the bricks would be crushed and reused. This is just one example of lessening the impacts of rubbish on the environment.

More renovation is going around Perth. There is more work and demand for skip bins when renovation projects are involved. According to statistics, the average Australian family produces 2.25 kg of waste every day, which is equivalent to a three-bedroom house. Australians throw away almost $3 billion produce and fresh food each year, which amounts to 140,000 tons of waste. Only four per cent of this is recycled.

We are in an era where concerns regarding the climate continue to grow. Whether you plan to remove household or commercial waste, you can count on Backyard Bins to do the utmost best to keep waste from landfills. We help ensure that the waste is recycled or reused.

Please ensure that you do not put any of the restricted items and materials in the bin. We will take care of all the waste items in the most environmentally-friendly way possible.

Materials in the bin


We work hard to provide as much information to you as possible. We’re always more than happy to answer any questions you may have over the phone. Call us 7 days a week on

(08) 9437 3733 or Book Now