Renovating Your Home or Business?

When you’re ready for that long planned renovation in Perth, don’t forget to consider how you’ll dispose of all the debris and rubbish. Whether your project is for your home or your business, or whether it is a small or large renovation, having the right sized skip bin from Backyard Bins on site will help you to:

  • Keep the work site safe
  • Help you to stay on schedule
  • Make cleanup effortless
Plasterer re-plastering a bathroom during home renovation.

Renovation Waste Removal With Skip Bins

All of the old materials will quickly turn into piles of rubbish that cannot reasonably fit into rubbish bags, and the remains may even be restricted items that cannot be placed in with regular garbage removal items. Without the convenience of a skip bin from Backyard Bins you’ll need to make a lot of trips to the local recycling centre or landfill.

That will require a lot of time to keep the different types of rubbish separated so that they can be disposed of in accordance with your local recycling regulations. Then you have to bag the small objects and tie the larger objects together before you load everything into your car or truck.

Having a skip bin close at hand lets you toss all of the debris from your renovation without ever needing to get in your car. Backyard Bins will bring your skip bin to Perth home or business construction site and will come back to tow it away. That means more time to get your renovation completed safely and on schedule.

home undergoing renovation of kitchen and living area.

Safe Work Area

Having a skip bin from Backyard Bins conveniently placed close to the work site lets you dispose of sharp waste materials like splintered pieces of wood, rusty or bent nails, pieces of glass, metal scraps, tiles, bricks, chunks of concrete, or any other object that can cause injuries to anyone walking around the area. Anything from your home renovation can be cleared up fast!

Larger objects like cabinets, shelves, window frames, and doors can easily be placed in a skip bin so that the work area remains neat and workable. A skip bin removes the need to let old material pile up close to where you are working and that eliminates the need to search through a lot of disposable debris to find tools or new materials.

Night Cleanup

At the end of the day, before the work crew leaves or you stop for the evening, there will be rubbish or debris that needs to be thrown away to keep the renovation site clear of potential hazards and ready for the next day’s work. That chore becomes effortless when you have a skip bin from Backyard Bins. Just take the rubbish out and toss it into the skip bin.

Renovation Waste FAQs

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Asbestos is one of the materials you could encounter during a renovation unless you have a newly built home. Asbestos is quite tricky because you cannot recycle it. You should also make sure you do not handle it on your own, especially if you do not know how to dispose of it properly. It’s essential to separate asbestos from other types of renovation waste you have produced. Backyard Bins no longer offers asbestos removal services, if you need assistance please seek other professional services.

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Skip bin hire helps save you time and effort. Renovating your home is often a long and tiring process. The last thing you need is to deal with matters concerning renovation waste disposal. Skip bins also keep you safe and secure, especially since handling renovation materials can be dangerous at times. Avoid the danger with the help of skip hire pros like Backyard Bins.
Skips also come in different sizes, meaning you don’t have to handle bulky renovation waste. You can pick smaller skips, as well. For example, a two cubic metre skip bin is suitable for smaller, more straightforward projects.

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Before hiring a skip bin, you may want to know which items can and cannot be put in it. That way, you will have no issues during collection. Renovation waste materials that you can put in the skip bin include general light waste, such as timber, furniture, paper, and plastics. Metals are also allowed, as well as white goods. If you hire a mixed waste skip bin, you can place soil, concrete, tiles, and rubble. Asbestos and tree stumps are not allowed.

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Talk to contractors and waste transporters about waste management before the renovation project commences. Ensure that the waste will be transported to a facility that accepts the rubbish you produce during renovation.
The simplest solution, however, is to hire a skip bin. Pick a mixed waste bin that allows you to dump common renovation rubbish, such as drywall, old furniture, plaster wood, and other types of junk. For safe and efficient waste management, we recommend maintaining a system when disposing of rubbish in the bin. Keep like materials together, which can aid in separating recyclables and non-recyclables.

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Timber, concrete, and bricks are among the things you produce after renovating a house or office space. At a glance, you can already tell there are a lot of items that you can easily repurpose. Renovation projects produce tons of waste, but you can take down old parts and refine certain materials. That way, you can find materials that you can recycle and reuse.
Some of the waste materials that you can repurpose are wood and boards. While it is often convenient for many people to throw these things into the bin right away, they are incredibly versatile. That means they can be repurposed in many ways. For example, you can use your old boards for strapping. Ensure that you only keep good quality materials with suitable dimensions to suit another project.

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Correctly managing renovation waste is essential; otherwise, it can be detrimental to the environment and human health.  Australia has stopped incinerating waste, which means most of the rubbish generated, such as renovation waste, is dumped in landfills. Therefore, it is not illegal to do so. Around 40% of waste (equivalent to 19 million tonnes) comes from renovation, construction, or demolition.
There is no exact tally of landfill sites in the country, but it’s believed that about 600 exist. Some are in Western Australia, including small and unregulated landfill sites.

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Renovation waste can easily be defined as the waste you generate when remodelling your home or commercial space. While fixing up the property, you will surely have loads of rubbish, which can often include plaster, insulation, pipes, drywall, glass, and furniture pieces.
Before you know it, your backyard is filled with old materials that have been in your home for years – and you probably never realised it until now! It’s vital that you know how .to dispose of your renovation waste responsibly

Scheduling Your Renovation Waste Skip Bin

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