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Rubbish Removal for Demolition and Strip-Outs

There are countless ways skip bins can help dispose of unwanted items easily and conveniently, including during demolitions and strip-outs. When you want to refurbish, renovate, or completely demolish your home, kitchen, bathroom, or office, we’ve got you covered. Backyard Bins offers quick and safe rubbish disposal for demolition and strip-out waste. This way, you can focus on more important matters, such as the project and its results.

Residential and Commercial Strip-Outs

Office, home, or commercial strip-outs have one thing in common: they leave a pile of mess that you need to deal with immediately. There is nothing worse than having a shiny new space with a mountain of leftovers sitting in front of your property. Skip bins from Backyard Bins are the best option for storing waste and keeping it out of sight.

When you plan to renovate or strip the interiors of your space, you can trust Backyard Bins to provide you with the correct skip bins. Our job is to help you handle your task seamlessly. We’ll even take care of disposing of the debris you have accumulated from your strip-out project. Our skip bins are designed for strip-out waste materials, such as tiles, old fixtures, and wood.

Bring the space back to its shell with no headaches about what to do with unwanted materials. Hire a skip bin for your upcoming strip-out project today!

Small to Large Demolition Projects

Backyard Bins is committed to high standards of excellence in skip bin hire for simple to complex demolitions.

Waste materials from demolitions are often recyclable at specific facilities. For example, brick, concrete, and metal can be broken down and reused. Regardless of the scope of the demolition project, managing and disposal of rubbish should be the least of your worries.

Backyard Bins has extensive experience in handling waste from all types and sizes of demolition projects. You can have a small task of demolishing a part of a wall or a shed. It can be something huge, such as a room, house, or building demolition. No matter what your demolition project may be, we have a range of skip bins for hire to keep things simple for you.

Asbestos and Other Hazardous Waste

Prepare for your next big project safely by getting rid of dangerous waste the right way.

Demolition and strip-outs, whether commercial, residential, or industrial, both have a degree of delicacy. It’s the same treatment you would give when you renovate a section of your house. Even removing old items, including chairs, desks, and computers, can cause a disastrous consequence to the environment. It makes sense to leave this job to professionals that know how to dispose of waste in an eco-friendly manner.

Asbestos requires more caution than when you get rid of bulky, cumbersome materials in your home or office. This material is often found in older houses and commercial buildings. It is dangerous and should not be handled without proper knowledge.

Schedule Your Skip Bin Hire

No matter what size of the job, we have the skip bin that you need! Schedule your skip bin hire with Backyard Bins today.

When you’re done with the strip-out, we will take care of rubbish removal, as well. You’ll never worry about the skip bins staying longer than you prefer or what’s necessary. The last thing you need now is for the bins to ruin your lawn or take up space on the kerb.

The Backyard Bins team is just one call away. Pick up the phone and dial (08) 9437 3733. Our services are available every day. Contact us, and we can have your skip bin the next day.

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