Husband and wife team.

Family owned and operated business.

Both have 20+ years experience.

Rydall, owner of Backyard Bins

Rydall Seale

Rydall Seale is the backbone of the company. Rydall’s main duty is to deliver the bins on time at various locations throughout Perth’s metro region. He personally drives the company vehicles and works from 7am to 5pm on a busy day.

Rydall’s Best Attributes

Rydall has many qualities that make him a vital part of Backyard Bins:

  1. Rydall is friendly and very approachable to answer any questions you may have about your bin hire.
  2. He is a hardworking person. Rydall has several tasks in one day. He would drive the skip bins to their destinations and collect the ones that are scheduled for collection later.
  3. Part of his job is to go to recycling stations. There, he would talk to people, including other skip bin drivers. This benefits Backyard Bins because he learns where the other drivers would get the best deal with their vehicle parts, for example.
  4. He helps maintain the operations in the company. Rydall is also friends with other people from other companies. These relationships allow the couple to call another company to pick up the bin for them should an emergency arise. Another skip bin company would be ready to help them when there were urgent jobs to perform.
  5. He is also known for his openness and honesty. Building integrity is not always easy. Rydall takes pride in running a business ethically while remaining socially responsible at all times.

Rydall is easy to deal with, just like his wife Lisa. It is an attribute that customers will feel when they work with Backyard Bins. He is approachable and will respond to questions quickly. His efficiency and friendliness are two of the many traits he is constantly lauded for. If there are issues, he is always ready to give his best to solve them.

Lisa, Owner of Backyard Bins

Lisa Seale

Lisa, along with husband Rydall became involved in the skip bin industry after a close friend of the couple, who was already in the skip bins business, offered Rydall and Lisa a partnership. The couple accepted the offer and worked side by side with their partner for many years.

In 2003, Backyard Bins was born. Lisa and Rydall took pride in what they have learned throughout their experience with the other company. They used it to handle the matters in their new business. Each day, there is always something to learn though, allowing the couple to further improve their experience and knowledge.

Lisa’s Best Attributes

Lisa is the perfect person to handle the admin and customer service duties of Backyard Bins:

  1. She naturally imparts her knowledge. Lisa has always been known as someone who likes to help other people by giving them the advice they need. Even if you are not a customer, she can provide recommendations, such as in managing waste properly.
  2. Lisa adapts to change willingly. If a customer has other needs rather than what the team is accustomed to, Lisa tries to adjust to it as much as possible. For instance, the customer wants the bin in a place that is not easily accessible. In this case, Lisa, along with her husband, would try to accommodate the request.
  3. She is a team player. Lisa mostly answers the phone to talk to customers and takes their requests as well.
  4. Other than performing administrative roles, Lisa  also delivers skip bins to customers using their smaller truck.
  5. Customers can expect to get a quick response from her. When someone enquires or sends a booking form, Lisa is always ready to respond right away. Customers can expect to receive a reply in less than 24 hours.

The cool, calm, and collected Lisa Seale has all the qualities needed to run Backyard Bins. As a mother of two, she is known to be family orientated. It makes it easy for her to treat the customers like family as well.


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