The Backyard Bins Process

If you’re interested in hiring a skip bin from us, below is our typical booking and delivery process.

5 tips to keep

If you contact us to place a booking, Lisa will ask the following questions:

  1. Which suburb are you from? Backyard Bins does not service all suburbs in Perth (you can check if we deliver to your suburb here). If it is in an area where we serve, we will be happy to proceed.
  2. What size of bin do you need? Backyard Bins offers a variety of bin sizes, from two cubic metres to 10 cubic metres. Some customers may not know which size to go for, which is why we would provide them with recommendations. We typically tell the customer that one cubic metre is equal to rubbish that can fit one flat trailer.
  3. What type or types of rubbish will be put in the skip bins? This question is important before giving the customer a quote. We have different rates for general and mixed waste that they can find on our website. General light waste bins start at $165 for two cubic metres while mixed waste bins are $180.
  4. Can you please give me your details? If they are happy with the rate, we will ask for their name, address, and phone number. We would also like to know where the bin should be placed on their property.
  5. How long you need the bin for? The hire period is generally five to seven days. However, if the customer needs the bin for a longer time, we will not charge extra. They only need to tell us they want an extension and we will be happy to leave the bin in their property for that period.
  6. When should we deliver the bin? The answer to this question is crucial because we always like to stick to the schedule.

After the order has been finalised, we will ask for the payment from the customer. It can be done on the phone as they book for the service using their credit card.
Typically though, customers would pay on the day of the delivery by cash. We also accept EFT payments but it should be done before the delivery of the bin.

Currently, we do not accept payments online. Nevertheless, we have the process streamlined to make it easy for all customers.

It is Rydall’s duty to deliver the bins to you on time. As such, he will:

  1. Make sure the truck is in good shape before driving to the customer’s location.
  2. When he gets to the property, he will collect the payment from the customer.
  3. Have a chat and provide more information about the bins. Normally, he will show you how to use the bins, including the maximum capacities.


We work hard to provide as much information to you as possible. We’re always more than happy to answer any questions you may have over the phone. Call us 7 days a week on

(08) 9437 3733 or Book Now