Need to Remove Domestic or Green Waste?

Backyard Bins have a range of different sized bins to help.

Whether spring cleaning, de-cluttering, upgrading appliances, removing garden or lawn debris, or clearing out the contents of an inherited home, it is going to create a lot of rubbish that will need to be removed.

There are two options for removing unwanted items and green waste. You can bag up the material and make a number of trips to the landfill or nearest recycling centre, or you can stay on plan with your waste project by renting a green waste skip bin from Backyard Bins.

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The Right Skip Bin for the Job

Whatever project you are tackling, there is a skip bin that will fit your needs. Backyard Bins has a full range of sizes and functional skip bins specifically intended for landscaping waste, green waste, household debris, furniture, and old appliances. No rubbish removal project is too small or too large that it cannot benefit from the use of a skip bin.

The skip bin is delivered to your home at a pre-scheduled date and time that is convenient for you. The skip bin will be put in a place that will neither interfere with your working space nor block the entrance to your home, walkway, or garage.

All you need to do is toss the unwanted items or yard waste into the skip bin. When you have finished your clean up work, Backyard Bins will come to retrieve the bin and take it to the proper landfill or recycling centre.

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Items Requiring Special Handling

Some items cannot be disposed of in either regular garbage cans or skip bins. But, Backyard Bins is equipped to help you with the arrangements to dispose of electrical appliances, electronics, paint and gasoline cans, flammable materials, or any other restricted item that needs special handling. Please note, Backyard Bins no longer offers asbestos removal services.

If you are not sure if an item can be placed in a skip bin or needs to be placed next a skip bin for special handling, talk with one of the Backyard Bins team members about any rubbish restrictions when scheduling your skip bin delivery. Alternatively, see what you can put in a skip bin here.

Green Waste Skip Bin FAQs

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Most of the rubbish you throw in your waste bin will go to landfills. A landfill is a dumping site for all the waste the whole area generates and will remain forever. Once full, landfills are covered to create a new one. Some materials will be sent to an incineration plant, where they will be burnt and dissolved. Unfortunately, it is damaging to the environment.
For recyclable goods, they go to a processing plant so they can be reprocessed and later reused. We give you all the details about where your rubbish goes in this blog post.

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Decluttering should not be stressful. You don’t have to complete the task in one day. We recommend that you declutter one room at a time before moving to another. Isolate the clothes and other items you plan to give away and store those that you want to keep in a tidy closet. Your goal is to store fewer but better items. Streamline your storage, especially your kitchen cupboard and cabinets.
It always helps to have a decluttering checklist so that you do not miss anything. For more in-depth advice on how to clean and declutter your house, please read this post.

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Yes, green waste includes soil, which means that you can put it in the bin. However, some skip bin companies in Perth do not allow soil to be put in the bin. You should first ask what you can and cannot put in the container if you are unsure.
Regarding animal waste, it is not viewed as garden waste. Therefore, we do not allow pet waste to be placed inside the skip bin that you hire from us. We also do not accept pet bedding, whether it is clean or soiled.

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It is not entirely wrong to put garden waste in your domestic bin. The problem is that it can lead to an actual waste of resources. Most of the time, materials that cannot be reused or recycled will be sent to a facility to get burnt.
Garden waste generally contains more moisture than other types of waste. Therefore, burnt garden waste has reduced efficiency in energy generation, so there is less energy produced. Instead, hire a skip bin to manage the garden waste during renovation and make the process easier.

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The location where you put your skip bin will depend on your property’s layout and the bin size. Driveways are the most obvious choice for many homeowners because they offer a great spot for filling the bin. Placing the skip in front of the garage lets you and the collectors access it easily.
If you don’t have enough space in your driveway, you can put the skip bin in your yard instead. It’s the second-best option if there is no fence in your front yard. Protect your grassy lawn with sturdy wood beams.
Read this blog post for a list of best and worst practices in skip bin placement.

Scheduling Your Green Waste Skip Bin

Ready to schedule your green waste skin bin? Not sure what size or how many bins you’ll need?

Call Backyard Bins on (08) 9437 3733 and speak with one of our friendly, professional skip bin representatives who will gladly answer all of your questions and help you to schedule a date and time to deliver your skip bin.

Our services are available 7 days a week, and your skip bin can be delivered as early as tomorrow.

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