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It’s required to check for asbestos before starting a demolition or a strip out. Asbestos is harmful but is only found in old buildings that were built in the 1970s to 1980s. The material was used for insulating homes and fireproofing purposes. Extended asbestos exposure can be dangerous to your health. If there is indeed

When demolishing residential and commercial properties, debris should be removed from the site. A contractor can use trucks and a team of professionals to help sort the rubbish and move them to another area or a recycling facility. Residential demolitions and even commercial ones can benefit from hiring skip bins of appropriate sizes. These skips

When the structure falls during demolition, there are usually a variety of machines involved. The materials on the ground may be sifted through using a piece of equipment. If they are salvageable, the project manager may put them in separate storage for recycling. Some examples of these materials often saved during demolitions, and strip outs

The demolition project can take a few hours to a few days. It can also be costly, depending on certain factors. One thing you should consider includes the total measurement of the structure. You can actually save more if it is a vast property, such as a commercial building. Stripping out a building does not

Some processes of demolishing and stripping out a property are the same. But these projects are not the same. A demolition involves getting rid of permanent parts of the house, office, or building, such as brick walls or the interior wall that divides two rooms. The purpose of demolition is to redesign or repurpose the

Demolition is an intricate process involving the dismantling of a structure, as well as site clearing and material recycling and salvaging. Demolition does not always mean taking down a structure completely. It can be partially done where only a part of the building has to be removed. Interior demolition is also common, which includes a

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