When you’re in the middle of renovating your whole home, kitchen or bathroom, you feel like the process will never end. There are construction workers in and out of your home all day, and you can’t even use your kitchen space.

Once you see your finished kitchen or bathroom, the hassle will have been worth it. In the meantime, follow these survival tips.

1. Find a Place to Stay

You may think you’ll feel more comfortable staying in your home during the remodel. But the chaos and confusion of a renovation means you’ll probably feel more comfortable staying somewhere else.

Some people are lucky enough to have family or friends they can stay with. You might also own a condo or caravan you could stay in for a time. If not, the remodel might be the perfect excuse to take a vacation. But don’t leave town for too long. You may need to stay nearby to coordinate the renovation with the construction workers.

If staying at home is your only option, rearrange your living space so you stay out of the construction workers’ way. For example, if you’re getting your kitchen remodelled, you could move your refrigerator to the garage or the living room.

You may also need to make changes to your daily routine. If you’re getting your bathroom remodelled and the water will be turned off, you might need to shower at the gym or at a friend’s house.

2. Plan Meals

Without access to all your cooking supplies, you’ll need to make different arrangements. To avoid eating fast food every day, try the following:

  • Buy ready-made dinners, like rotisserie chicken
  • Make meals that don’t require cooking, such as a salad topped with canned tuna
  • Cook meals in a crockpot or on an electric griddle (no need to use your oven or stove)

Write down a list of feasible meal ideas and then schedule them on a calendar.

3. Coordinate Safety Issues With the Project Manager

During a renovation, you’re inviting several strangers into your home. Construction workers must follow certain safety procedures. Even so, there are still a few issues you should discuss with the project manager.

  • Entrances.  Let the project manager know where you’d like the workers to enter and exit. Usually, this point is a door you don’t use, such as the side door. The project manager will ask you for keys to this door. Don’t give keys to anyone else unless the project manager approves.
  • Smoking Areas.  If you don’t want smoke in your home, let the project manager know. He or she will designate a spot away from your home where workers can take smoking breaks.
  • Parking.  Discuss with the project manager where workers can park. They should avoid parking in your driveway if possible. They should also avoid parking near a neighbour’s house if you neighbour wouldn’t approve.

Coordinating these issues before the renovation begins can help you prevent unnecessary conflict and stress.

4. Hire a Rubbish Bin

You may not realise how much waste a renovation produces. This waste could include:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Insulation
  • Cardboard
  • Metal
  • Drywall
  • Brick

You need a secure place to put all the rubbish. Find a local rubbish bin company that offers regular, timely removal. Ask the project manager whether you or their company is responsible for rubbish bin coordination and cost.

Determine which size bin you’ll need. A one-cubic metre bin will hold about as much rubbish as a flat trailer. If possible, find a rubbish bin with a drop-down ramp, which makes accessing the bin easier.

The finished product of a home renovation is always exciting, but the waiting period can be difficult. Use these tips to avoid stress during the renovation period.


Backyard Bins Team

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