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Where does rubbish go?

In our modern age, we get used our method of rubbish disposal, during which everything disappears and we never worry about it again. But where does all that rubbish go? Today’s citizens often worry about ecological concerns and how their waste contributes to growing environmental problems. Depending on the rubbish you throw out, it could

3 tips to fill your skip bin like a pro

3 Tips to Fill Your Skip Bin Like a Pro When you ordered your skip bin, you likely read over the most basic rules for usage. You know that you should never put car batteries, appliances and cleaning products in your skip bin. You even read a few warnings about not smoking near your bin

5 guidelines for cleaning your yard

Whether you spend the duration of a storm snuggled up warm in bed or sitting in a storm shelter, you have to deal with the aftermath once the storm ends. Depending on the type and intensity of the storm, you may have quite the mess on your hands. Unfortunately, many homeowners approach these messy yards

4 tips to survive your home renovation

When you’re in the middle of renovating your home, you feel like the process will never end. There are construction workers in and out of your home all day, and you can’t even use your kitchen space. Once you see your finished kitchen or bathroom, the hassle will have been worth it. In the meantime,

The difference between compost, recyclables and rubbish

With people becoming more interested in becoming environmental-friendly, it’s no wonder that recycling and composting have become quite popular. Still, there’s plenty left to do to safely dispose of more types of waste. In this blog, you’ll learn about which basic day-to-day items fall into three categories of waste: recycling, compost and rubbish. As you

How to keep pests out of your skip bin

Skip bins offer a cost-effective solution for renovation, landscaping and spring cleaning waste. But they also create a lot of temptation for animals in your neighborhood, especially if your waste smells edible. Whether you have a long-term skip bin arrangement or just want a skip bin for cleanup after a weekend project, you have to

Moving? 4 things to throw out before you pack

Congratulations on finding a new home! Whether you recently purchased a cosy cottage, a trendy apartment or a custom home, you now have the perfect opportunity to de-clutter your life and start fresh. As you pack for your upcoming move, don’t bother with the following items. As most moving companies charge by size and weight,

How to clean your home after a flood

After a thrilling vacation with your family, you can’t wait to go home and relax in your own bed. But when you pull into your driveway, you instinctively know something went wrong while you were away. The grass squishes under your step, and the basement windows look as though they’ve been splattered with brown paint.

Significant Landfill Levy Increases – Fri, 5 Dec 2014

As of the 1st of January 2015, the government is increasing its landfill levy, which is payable every time waste is disposed of at a landfill site. Consequently, the price of skip bin hire and rubbish removal will increase substantially.

Extra Time, No Extra Cost

Backyard Bins Beeliar, WA 6164 – Tue, 13 May 2014 If you require extra time on your bin hire, or your rubbish removal is taking a little longer than expected, we will not charge any extra for a few more days. Just give us a call on (08) 9437 3733 and let us know that


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