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air conditioners broken

Have you ever tried to move your stove or fridge alone? It is hard work and heavy, right? Moving large appliances without help is virtually impossible. Typically, their awkward shapes and sizes can make their maneuvering, tossing, or lifting pretty difficult. Apart from the particular danger associated with lifting unwieldy and heavy appliances, disposing of

old computer parts waste

People generate waste each day. And it’s more waste than the world can handle. But while general rubbish is still a problem, there is a growing issue that needs more attention than ever: electronic waste. Electronic devices have become the fastest source of waste in Australia, especially with a massive percentage of technology users. It’s

ripping up flooring and disposing

Installing new flooring is often a significant upgrade for most homes. It’s often costly and takes time, so it’s only right that it is done right from start to finish. When successful, the new flooring can become a significant upgrade that improves a home’s appearance, function, and value. An essential part of the process is

cleaning construction project

All businesses, no matter what type and sector they belong in, produce waste. In many cases, the local council collection cannot handle the generated waste. As a business owner, it is more than imperative to learn and implement waste management within your company. Waste management should be a part of your efforts towards making your


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