Many of us will have tyres to dispose of at one point or another. However, it is vital to understand how to remove the tyres from your property safely and legally. In the correct hands, tyres can be recycled and regain usefulness. 

Key Takeaways: Correct way to dispose of tryes! 

  • Old tyres should go to a place equipped to properly dispose of them, such as a tyre recycling centre. 
  • Tossing old tyres into a skip bin or leaving them at a landfill are extremely poor choices. 

Material of Tyres  

Tyres are not biodegradable. However, they are flammable and structurally too flexible to stay buried. These factors come from the tyre composition. Standard-use tyres are made of, 

Natural Rubber: About half of the rubber in a tyre is natural, originating from rubber trees in Malaysia, Indonesia, and other tropical countries. 

Synthetic Rubber Compounds: Oil-based rubber polymers used in tyre manufacturing are butadiene rubber and styrene butadiene rubber. These are used along with natural rubber. The artificial materials for tyre production typically come from Europe. 

Fillers: The remainder of the tyre is made of carbon black, oil, and silica. These increase tensile strength and give tyres their colour. 

Curing Systems: Sulfur and zinc oxide are needed to transform rubber into a solid article. 


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Using a Skip Bin  

While skip bins are immensely useful, using them to dispose of tyres is strongly discouraged. In many areas, it is forbidden by local ordinances. This is because the tyres are not biodegradable and take up a large amount of landfill space but may never completely break down. Some companies may make special arrangements to collect old tyres in a skip bin for a fee. The company will haul the tyres to an official recycling facility for proper disposal. 


Other Methods of Disposal  

There are a number of creative ways to dispose of old tyres that make them functional again. This includes:

  • Use in your garden as a planter. 
  • Up-cycle old tyres with a few steps and some ordinary materials to make unique seats for outdoors 
  • Create unique furniture pieces such as a table or ottoman 
  • Making a comfortable bed for your pet is a way to reuse an old tyre that will grab attention. 
  • Inexpensive drinking troughs for wildlife 
  • Barriers to line paths  
  • Bumpers for jetties 


Three Tips for Disposal of Tyres  

Ensuring your tyres are disposed of safely (and legally) is a crucial step towards a cleaner and safer environment. Here are three tips to help you dispose of unwanted tyres. 

  1. Contact a licensed used tyre carrier- Many will have arrangements in place with companies that provide recycling and disposal services. 
  1. Exchange your tyres- When you need new tyres, visit a garage that participates in an exchange program. You can get the new tyres you need and simply leave your old tyres at the shop. You do not need to pay recycling fees, and you can save yourself the trouble of trying to recycle the old tyres. The company, which is typically contracted with recycling businesses, takes care of the recycling.
  2. Pay to recycle- There is often a cost associated with recycling old tyres. However, doing so ensures that your tyres will not add to landfills or become a fire hazard. 


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