One thing homeowners learn quickly is that there is always one chore or another that needs to be done for the maintenance and appearance of the inside and outside of a home. This is true whether it is your first house, a family estate, or rental property. Taking care of a house or a garden means that there will be plenty of old items, unusable items, disposable packaging from new purchases, and garden debris that will need to be removed.

Some things may be in good condition and can be donated to local charities. Other items that are broken or outdated just need to be tossed out. Gardening items such as dead plants, bushes, or hedges, tree branches, weeds, lawn and flower clippings, soil, sand, and fallen leaves need to be separated into recyclable and trash piles.

Many disposable objects are too large to fit into regular trash bags for scheduled collection days. This means you need to put these items in your vehicle, being careful not to scratch or mess up your vehicle, and take them to a landfill or a recycling centre. That is a lot of time and energy taken away from the chore at hand. The more economical approach is to use skip bins that are specifically designed for your trash and waste, see our handy guide here.

Think of skip bins as another form of one-stop-shopping. With one call to Backyard Bins, (08) 9437 3733, you can schedule the delivery and the removal of all your debris. We can also help with the disposal of items that you want thrown out that are banned from being placed in skip bins or household trash containers.

Organic garden waste in skip bin.

Your garden is your pride and joy. Unfortunately, it often comes with responsibilities to maintain its beauty. Part of the maintenance is to manage green waste. It may not sound much, but the waste you frequently generate can be quite a task.

Skip on the driveway filled with debris.

The home fit-out and renovation process can be highly stressful. A fit-out is done once the home is finished, making it a more comfortable living space. These are usually aesthetic changes that may include adding things like lighting.

garden renovation guide

Having the perfect garden design is typically a process of trial and error. And you’ve probably discovered that, which is why you’re now planning to renovate it. The Ultimate Trick to Garden Renovation – Works for Both Small and Large Gardens You don’t need to have a big garden to reap the rewards of gardening.

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Neat and tidy boxes after doing a summer clean out

Once summer starts, cleaning and decluttering your home may be farther down your list of to-dos. You could be focused on going to the beach or enjoying the sights and sounds around Perth. But you may also be interested in inviting your friends over for a BBQ party. You can’t begin cleaning up a day

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Let’s face it: cleaning wheelie bins is no one’s favourite thing to do. It surely is unpleasant, and you are not the only person wondering why you should even bother. But it is an unavoidable and necessary task. Your wheelie bin is where germs breed as food begins to rot the instant you throw it

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wa bin and waste laws bins on street

Updated 02 May 2023 Proper waste disposal is one of the key ingredients of a progressive nation. Unfortunately, there are still many residents in Australia with damaged and awful-smelling bins. In 2015, it was announced that homeowners could get fined for the following offences: Improper bin maintenance, including keeping it clean ($250) Incorrect items placed

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It’s summertime. Going to the beach and enjoying barbecues in the yard are not the only activities you can indulge in. If you have a garden, it is the best time to ensure it stays green, healthy, and beautiful. Unfortunately, the Australian summer is something that gardeners are quite worried about. It can become hot