Having the perfect garden design is typically a process of trial and error. And you’ve probably discovered that, which is why you’re now planning to renovate it.

The Ultimate Trick to Garden Renovation – Works for Both Small and Large Gardens

You don’t need to have a big garden to reap the rewards of gardening. Many Aussies actually prefer smaller gardens because they are easier to manage. If you can’t truly spend a lot of time taking care of your plants, it’s better to have a small garden.

But it’s always a matter of preference. If you believe that you can handle all the gardening tasks required in a huge garden, there’s no reason not to have it. The secret to garden renovation success is to have a single big idea, and then you stick to it. Even a large garden will not benefit from having too many concepts, which can quickly lead to cramming plants and functions in the area.

Keep things as simple as possible by having one clear idea. For example, if your idea of bliss is to sit outside while reading a book in peace. You can base the renovation design around that dream. Meanwhile, if the reason why you’re renovating is to use the space for entertaining guests, you can work around that by expanding the seating area. For plants of a specific type that you collect, you can create a garden where they can thrive.

To further help you with your plan, here are useful tips when updating the look, feel, and function of your garden:

  1. Plan Well and Plan Hard.Spend some time researching what you would like to achieve for your existing garden. You’re not exactly designing a garden from scratch. The renovation may only include a few elements, such as adding a flagged patio or raising the flowerbeds. You’re probably thinking about improving the decking, but should you opt for composite or wood? Perhaps it’s better if you add a garden shed or just enhance the current one.Renovations should have you asking plenty of questions. And you should not decide to start unless you have clear answers for them. It’s vital that you know what you want, which will make the planning much more straightforward.
  2. Divide the Renovation Project into Several Tasks.It does not matter if you have a small garden. By breaking up the remodelling process, you can stay within your budget. It also makes the tasks more achievable. You can begin by redesigning the patio area. Then, you can get to creating the garden path. After that, you can build the plant beds. It’s always a good idea to finish one task first before moving on to the next.
  3. Have Everything Ready, Including Letting the Neighbours Know about the Renovation.Renovating your garden, even if you do it on your own, will cost you some money. When you create your plan, don’t forget to include your budget. You may also need to shop around for materials and equipment. You can achieve a finished look for your garden by spreading mulch on the soil. However, mulch is not cheap, mainly when you buy it in bags. You may be able to find local councils that provide free mulch, or you can buy it in bulk.Once you have all the items prepared, you can proceed to get the garden ready. Remember that you will make a lot of mess and probably be noisy with your tools, too. Therefore, you have to let your neighbours know about the upcoming renovation. The last thing you want is an angry neighbour posting about how inconsiderate you are on social media.

    Also, you can make your life so much easier when you hire a skip bin before you begin your project. Cleaning up after updating your garden can be such a hassle. You will usually deal with old furniture pieces, plants and pots, tree stumps, and other types of waste. Having a skip bin ready for use will help you get when managing the rubbish, especially because you will most likely have to get rid of large materials from your garden.

    Be on the lookout, though, for possible items that you can reuse. After the clear-out procedure, you could get a better idea of how you’d like to start the project.

  4. Be Smart with Your Plant Choices.When buying plants, you should compare your options first before paying. Visiting a few nurseries will help you determine the type of plants you would like to have in your garden. Also, nurseries have varying prices. Some are inexpensive because the quality of the plants is disappointing.Don’t be impulsive when you go to a nursery, especially when you notice the pretty plants on display. Usually, the blooms you see only live for about one season. For a better choice, go for shrubs, which are much sturdier. You can use these shrubs as foundation plants with which you will base a massive portion of your garden design.

    Sometimes, you don’t need to go to nurseries. If you have friends who love gardening, you could visit them and ask for a few clumps of daylilies and other vigorous growers.

old garden being renovated

Small Changes Can Have a Huge Impact

If you’re on a tight budget, you can simply paint your front door with a bright colour. You can also add a table with a few chairs. For your existing outdoor furniture, they probably just need new paint or stain and a little bit of cleaning. Similar to the front porch, you can paint pots and planters, which quickly gives a significant portion of your garden a facelift.

You can hire a professional designer, landscaper, or an architect to help you out. You can benefit from their knowledge and experience in designing the outdoor area.

Before you carry out your project, be sure that you have a skip bin ready. That way, you can store and dispose of green waste conveniently. Contact Backyard Bins to hire the skip bin suitable for your upcoming garden renovation.


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