Once summer starts, cleaning and decluttering your home may be farther down your list of to-dos. You could be focused on going to the beach or enjoying the sights and sounds around Perth. But you may also be interested in inviting your friends over for a BBQ party.

You can’t begin cleaning up a day before they show up. Getting ready for the summer includes a few more steps than just sweeping the floor and wiping the counters. Here are some cleaning tips that will help you prepare for the summer:

Schedule your cleaning session.

Tidying up your home is not a one-day job. It can take several days, which is why it makes sense to list all the tasks you want to accomplish. Then, group those that belong together and create a schedule for them. Even if you have a long list, you will typically have two to three sessions with a few hours of cleaning.

The key to completing the whole to-do list is to make arrangements so that you can keep distractions to a minimum. For instance, if you have kids in the house, you may want to start the work when they are not around.

Have your cleaning gear ready.

Before you start cleaning, you should already have your supplies prepared. The last thing you want to do is to keep running back to the store because you don’t have certain items. List what you need, from equipment to cleaning products, before starting your first session.

Hire a skip bin.

You’re probably wondering why you even need to hire a skip bin. Why can’t you just use the one you have at home? The answer is quite simple: having a skip bin will make everything easier for you. A thorough cleaning job means dealing with plenty of rubbish, which your regular container cannot hold.

All you need to do is to load the household waste into the bin. Then, the skip bin hire company will collect it and get rid of the clutter for you. You don’t have to do anything at all. It saves time and frustration. Meanwhile, if you don’t have a skip bin, you will still have to put the rubbish in a package and dispose of it yourself.

Aside from convenience, hiring a skip bin is also an eco-friendly choice. Summer is a season where everyone wants a clean and healthy place to spend time with their family and friends. Skip bins are a one-way solution to keep the surroundings clean.

Start with the biggest or most challenging jobs first.

It is usually difficult to decide where to begin cleaning. But here’s a useful hint: start with the biggest project. It can be anything from deep cleaning your freezer or fridge to sorting out the whole garage. When you begin with the largest job, you will have plenty of time to finish. There will no longer be a sense of urgency, which reduces the stress the cleaning process can give you.

Another advantage is that you will feel like you have accomplished something huge. It will inspire you to get everything done from your cleaning list.

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Go through each room.

Clean all the spaces in the house, so you do not have to redo the process. Here are some tips:

  • Garage or shed: Take everything out of the shed or garage and start cleaning the floor. Don’t forget the areas above the windows and doors, as well as the corners. Use a microfibre cloth or paper towel to remove dust and cobwebs. If you spilled anything while taking out the items, clean it up immediately.
  • Bedrooms: Clean out your closet before the warm weather hits. During springtime, you may already want to switch to lighter bedding. Get rid of thick duvets or wool blankets if you have them on the bed. Replace them with thinner blankets or any cotton material. Now is an excellent time to change the look of the bedroom by changing its colours and using decorative pillows.
  • Bathrooms: Give your bathroom a refresh by scrubbing the floors and walls. While you’re at it, don’t forget about the laundry room. Make it a habit of clearing your dirty clothes daily. That way, the pile will stay small and easy to manage.
  • Kitchen: Summer can take a heavy toll in this part of the house. Check the pantry and fridge to make sure there are no expired items. Then, reorganise the items in your refrigerator, such as by grouping like items together. Also, clean your appliances and utensils to keep summer pests away.
  • Backyard or garden: Spring and summer are a great time to plant flowers and foliage. If you love veggies, herbs, or fruits, you can grow them in your home. Don’t forget to trim your trees and shrubs. It’s also a good idea to give your BBQ a deep clean, especially since summer is when you will use it regularly. For more tips on how to prepare your garden for the summer, you can read blog post.

Cleaning also means getting rid of the stink. As temperatures spike, unpleasant smells become more noticeable. Deodorise your rooms or use an air purifier to keep the nasty odours away.

Organise what you want to keep and throw away.

Each time you clean, you should allocate time for organisation. It means you should separate your items, which you can do so by categorising them. For example, you can sort them out by their use, such as gardening tools, auto care, or sports equipment. That makes it easier to figure out which you can store together. If there are useful items that you can sell, you can get garage sale tips in this blog post.

Meanwhile, those that you do not want to keep can all go to the skip bin. After sorting the rubbish, you can immediately take out the unwanted waste and place them into the bin. Of course, you should make sure that the items you put are allowed. Things, such as car batteries or tyres, or oil, petrol, and other liquid waste should never be placed inside the skip bin.

Are you ready to tidy up your home before summer starts? Contact Backyard Bins to hire a skip bin for your summer clear out.


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