Many of us living in Western Australians are finding ourselves with lots of time on our hands while staying at home or social distancing from friends, family, neighbours, and co-workers during the Covid-19 crisis. So, let’s put this time into those productive home projects we’ve all been putting off until we had more time.

One such project can be something as simple as de-cluttering the closets, cupboards, attics, garages, or sheds and getting rid of those items you no longer need, want, or use. Another project can be the start of a remodelling or redecorating plan that you’ve been dreaming about but did not have the time to take that plan from inside your head to reality. Taking care of outdoor chores is a great way to use up extra energy and get some exercise with the cooler temperatures.

The one thing that any project, large or small, entails is the planning for how all of the discarded items or leftover materials will be taken away. Because most projects result in more discarded items than are allowed in your regular weekly trash removal bins, a more convenient way to clean up your property and have all items taken away is to rent a skip bin from Backyard Bins.

Type of Materials Permitted in a Backyard Bin

When you rent a skip bin from Backyard Bins you are assured that all of your items that are allowed in a skip bin are removed safely and completely. You can review our various trash removal services reference guide to determine if your items can or cannot be placed in a bin. If you have any questions about particular items, you can call us to chat with one of our services specialists. Depending on the type of materials that are to be thrown away, you can decide that you will need more than one type of skip bin.

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The Right Size Bin to Fit Your Project

Deciding on the right size bin to rent is an easy process when you use our handy bin size reference guide. It will only require a few minutes of your time to arrange for a Backyard Bin rental to be delivered to your property. There is no pressure to complete your project within a scheduled time frame. We have flexible rental service plans that let you extend your rental agreement by one or more days.

How Long Coronavirus Remains Active on Surfaces

More concerning than coming into contact with anyone infected, is the length of time that the Coronavirus germs, which can lead to Covid-19, remain active on all forms of surfaces. This period can range from a few hours to several days. Just touching plastic bags, shopping carts, door handles, surface areas or any other items with the virus on it just before touching your face, eyes, ears, or nose can create a contaminated situation.

Sanitary Conditions of Backyard Bins

Our number one priority at Backyard Bins is the safety and well-being of our employees and customers. We remain alert to all of the developing circumstances regarding how to deter the spread of the Coronavirus. We take all of the known precautions to ensure that your rental bin has been washed down and disinfected before being delivered to your residence.

Safety Measures When Using Skip Bins

Scientists, researchers and doctors are still unsure of how much exposure to Coronavirus results in a person becoming infected with the Covid-19. There is still a lot to be learned about this global health hazard. In consideration for the health and well-being of both our customers and our employees, we have developed a list of safety measures at Backyard Bins that we believe will help to contain and prevent the spread of potentially dangerous Coronavirus contaminated materials:

  1. Face Masks

    We have been reminded daily since we entered these unusual times to wear a face mask when going outdoors. And, as we now know that wearing a face mask is an effective way to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. But, wearing a face mask also works to keep dust and dirt particles away from your mouth and nose when working around the house, both inside and outside. A mask also gives you a protective barrier when you are working near other people. Wearing a mask is one way to show consideration for both yourself and our employees.

  2. Gloves

    Our bare hands are always exposed to the air and can easily collect foreign particles. Frequent washing does remove anything that settles on the hands, but the washing can also wash away the skin’s protective moisture. Wearing gloves when working with all types of materials and the touching of surfaces, while collecting those items you put in a bin will help prevent the collection of dust, dirt and grime on your hands. If you do not wear gloves, please wash your hands often with soap and warm water or with a hand sanitizer.

  3. Wash & Spray All Items

    To slow the spread of germs, we recommend that you wash or use a disinfectant spray on the items you are throwing away. This is especially useful if you have anyone else helping you collect the things you are putting in a bin.

  4. Wrap All Items

    To ensure that all items our employees may have to handle are clean and safe, we request that you place all of your items in plastic bags before putting them into a bin. This practice will also protect those employees working at the recycling locations where the discarded items may end up.

  5. Clean Large Items

    If you have large items to be taken away that will not fit into a plastic bag, we request that you clean the surface of the materials by washing them or using a disinfectant spray on them before placing them into a bin. This practice will help to secure the health and safety of all our customers, our employees, and the entire community that uses our bins and the recycling locations.

  6. Things Not Permitted In A Regular Skip Bin

    Some items cannot be put in our regular skip bins because they contain hazardous or flammable materials. Please refer to our reference guide on what type of items cannot be put into a Backyard Bin and what items will require special handling. Let us know when you schedule your Backyard Bin if you have items that you cannot put into a regular bin or that will need a special bin before we can haul them away. We will work with you on the proper way to discard these items. We request that you clean these items by either washing down or using a disinfectant spray on the surfaces before placing them outside a regular bin or into a special bin.

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There has been an unusual increase in the demand for skip bins as people are using this stay-at-home time to clean out their closets, sheds, and garages, and to work on home improvements. Backyard Bins remains ready to service your trash removal needs 7 days a week.

Our flexible plans let you can extend the time that you have a skip bin once you start to fill your bin and determine that you will need it for an additional day or two.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation and understanding by following our recommended safety measures. As stated above, at Backyard Bins our customers and employees are our top priorities. This means that we strive to adhere to all safety guidelines related to the health and well-being of everyone.


Backyard Bins Team

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