Organising events is stressful enough. You have a lot of responsibilities on your plate, including coming up with the concept, determining who your audience should be, and finding the right venue. If it is a concert, you will need to look for performers whom you will also need to pay for. For conferences, you will have to invite a speaker who is engaging and knowledgeable.

It is your job to look for partners and sponsors; otherwise, you have to shoulder the expenses alone. Finally, you need to market the event to make sure people will attend. The power of social media has made publicising happenings much easier. However, you still have to rely on other platforms, such as word of mouth and perhaps even advertising on paper.

When the event is over, you may think that you can breathe a sigh of relief. After all, it was a massive success – not until you see the clutter all around you.

Many organisers fail to come up with a proper waste management strategy. Clearly, it can lead to problems, including fines and other run-ins with the law. Therefore, it is only right that you have an action plan beforehand, which will be after the event has concluded.

The Scary Aftermath

If you have been to different events in your life, you can understand the horror organisers have to deal with after the celebration. Water bottles are everywhere, along with food containers and even plastic packaging. It can become a traumatic experience, especially if the organiser did not have a proper plan for taking care of the waste left behind.

Many events produce a ton of waste, including concerts, sports events, marathons, and even business meetings. Responsible event planners come up with an excellent strategy to get rid of the rubbish. However, let us face it: this task is not exactly cheap. It is not something that organisers like paying attention to. After all, the event was a success, and it is over. There is nothing more to worry about, right? Unfortunately, it is not the case.

Waste management, including removal, can take a big chunk out of the budget. Instead of setting the money for additional features and perks during the event, it will go to rubbish collection. Thankfully, it does not always have to be this way. You can handle waste removal issues when you have a large skip bin for your event.

The Best Solution

<p>Hiring a skip bin can save you a lot of trouble – and money as well. Whether you just had a big concert with thousands of attendees or a food festival where people end up throwing rubbish on the ground, you need a skip bin. Large skips are much more cost-effective than any other means of collecting waste. You can easily make the most out of your clean-up budget for the event itself.

If you are wondering whether or not a skip bin is worth your money, the following reasons will surely convince you:

  1. Skip bins have enough capacity to hold a ton of rubbish.If you have not used a skip bin before, it is a container that has a trapezoid shape. It is designed for holding a large amount of waste, so you do not have to rely on small bins for items you no longer need. Currently, there are different sizes of skips available.Before you proceed, however, you should know that there are certain things that you cannot place inside the skip. When you hire one, make sure that you know what you can and cannot put in the container. Such information will help you avoid paying penalties.
  2. Waste is not scattered everywhere.Let us say that you threw a party in your yard. You can already tell that rubbish will overflow when you have a small bin. A big event, such as a concert, music festival, and other happenings involving numerous people, creates a huge amount of waste. It not only results in a dirty environment but also a foul-smelling one.Waste produced during these times typically decomposes faster, which can be problematic for everyone, especially those with allergies and asthma.

    Let us also bear in mind that people eat at least two meals per day. In a large occasion where food is readily available, this twice a day eating can be divided into smaller meals and snacks. It then invites more waste generated throughout the whole day. Imagine if you have an event that lasts six hours or more. You can already tell that food packaging and other materials will be all over the place.

    The good news is that you can make your life more comfortable with a large skip bin. At the beginning of the event, you can tell the participants where they can throw their waste. Alternatively, you can create a huge sign (to learn more about event signage and wayfinding, check out signage consultants Publik) that shows people where your skip bin is.

  3. Skip bins help motivate people to become environmentally conscious.Skip bins not only consolidate waste, but they also encourage event-goers to be mindful of proper rubbish disposal.If the activity involves several people in a vast space, you may need to provide more than one skip bin. With skips distributed in the entire area, participants do not have an excuse to throw rubbish on the ground.

    It is not a secret that improper waste disposal creates serious problems, such as soil, air, and water pollution. Materials, such as plastic, can be hazardous to our health, as well as for plant and animal life. Despite such knowledge, many people still neglect to be conscientious inhabitants. They casually throw away the waste they produced during an event. One reason behind it is that there is a lack of discipline. At the same time, the skips are nowhere in sight.

    If these large bins can easily be spotted in an event, people will surely follow the rules. After all, they only have to walk to the skip bin and dispose of their rubbish like a dutiful citizen.

  4. Having skip bins at your event will make your job much easier.Upkeep and maintenance will always be on the list of things to consider when you organise and event. You already have many other tasks to fulfil, from logistics to deliveries to food to lights and sounds. You also have to worry about the guests and whether or not they will be pleased with the affair. The last thing on your mind is cleaning up after the event.

It is a good thing that you have skip bins to turn to, which significantly reduces the amount of work you need to do for waste disposal. The key is to be strategic when it comes to placing the bins in your event venue. This way, the guests will easily find them and encourage them to do the right thing.

cleaner disposing of a rubbish bag into a recycle bucket

A Few Tips for Successful Waste Disposal during an Event

You may have booked skip bins from Backyard Bins, which you will use for your event. It may mean that you already have a waste management plan on hand. To ensure that you will encounter little to no problems, here are some effective strategies for event waste disposal:

  1. Make sure you have enough skip bins in your venue.There are no restrictions in using bins when it comes to the type of event you are hosting. They all generate a massive amount of waste. It is why you need proper planning to get rid of the rubbish, especially after the event.When you have skip bins ready, one of the most important things to do now is to make sure they are enough to handle the potential waste the participants will produce.
  2. Have the bins in every corner of the area.You may be tempted to place the skip bins in one area. After all, it is not easy to move them from one side to another. However, you should strategically place them in areas where people will undoubtedly drop their rubbish in the skips. It also helps when the participants know where the bins are. You can make a public announcement about them before the event takes place.
  3. Know how to recycle waste.Waste removal practices can now be efficient and environmentally-friendly at the same time. Many businesses take part in such an initiative. As the organiser of an event, you have this duty. Therefore, you should have separate bins for recyclable and non-recyclable items. Of course, you should ensure that both types of containers are appropriately labelled. This way, people will not have to guess where to put specific rubbish.

Some of the attendees may find two types of containers inconvenient. Here at Backyard Bins, we take ecological and responsible waste disposal seriously. This way, you do not have to worry about segregating waste. There is just one rule to bear in mind, which is to place only those allowed in the bin. After that, we will take care of the sorting, recycling, and reuse of the rubbish produced during your event.


Backyard Bins Team

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