Illegal rubbish dumping is a problem not only in Perth but in every other major city in Australia. The act of illegally dumping rubbish is referred to as littering, and it is a serious offence under Western Australia’s Litter Act 1979, which carries a fine or a period of imprisonment. So here is what constitutes illegal littering and how to report the incidents hence enhancing the cleanliness of the environment and community.


What is Illegal Rubbish Dumping in Western Australia

Illegal rubbish dumping in Western Australia is the practice of dumping rubbish within public spaces like streets, parks, and reserves or on private land or properties without approval, license, or permit from a relevant authority. The waste dumped can be household or commercial. This can include furniture, mattresses, computers, televisions, toys, and batteries. There are also commercial waste products like cans, paper, retail packaging, cardboard, food wrappers, and other hazardous wastes.


Why is Illegal Rubbish Dumping a Problem

Illegal rubbish dumping is a major problem in every city in Australia, including Perth. It is an act that everyone has the right to protest against and file a complaint. It affects public spaces, private property, and the environment. Other than the aesthetic problems which are visible, it also pollutes water sources and contributes to environmental degradation. So here are some of the problems caused by illegal rubbish dumping:

  • Environmental Damage – Illegal rubbish dumping destroys the environment and is harmful to both people and animals. It pollutes water sources, endangers wildlife, causes soil erosion, and exposes residents to dangerous chemicals. Every time a person dumps rubbish in a public space, they could simultaneously impose a negative environmental impact on the ecosystem. Remember that most of these environmental impacts are caused by common and harmless items like food wrappers and plastic bags, which are thoughtlessly discarded.
  • Affects the Beauty of Land – Illegal rubbish dumping ruins the beauty of the land. It makes public spaces and private properties look dirty and unkempt. Interiors of buildings are also affected by this when a building owner leaves scraps or other waste behind instead of disposing of it properly. Illegal rubbish dumping is not only an eyesore but also affects the reputation and brand of a person or company. Also, illegal dumping lowers the property values in that area, making it unattractive to potential investors.
  • Health Concerns – Illegal rubbish dumping also affects the health of the community. People may risk contracting diseases such as typhoid, hepatitis, and cholera from polluted water. It also results in increased illness for people who have to clean up after illegal dumpers have left their discarded waste behind. Children are especially affected because they are more likely to play on the playgrounds where illegal dumping of waste occurs. This can result in injury to children as well as infections that may affect them throughout their lives.
  • Costs – Illegal rubbish dumping also has financial implications if not tackled in time. It not only affects the health of the environment but also causes unnecessary expenses for the government and residents. It will require the cleaning up of the location and disposal of the waste, which can cost both in terms of time and money.

Rubbish pollutes water sources, endangers wildlife, causes soil erosion, and exposes residents to dangerous chemicals.


What To do If You See Someone Dumping Illegally

There are numerous ways in which you can report illegal rubbish dumping and prevent it from happening again. The first step is to observe the person who dumped the waste so that you know them and whether or not they have a license to dump rubbish. Then record their details and information about the location of the rubbish for future reference. So here are the details to record:

  • You can include a person’s identification details like clothing, hair colour, gender, and other physical characteristics.
  • Details on the location include a street address, place name, or a landmark like a shop or a building.
  • Time and date that you first saw the illegal rubbish dumping taking place. This will help in gathering evidence against the wrongdoer for legal proceedings.
  • Include details of the vehicle that was used for the illegal dumping, including the model, colour, and registration number.
  • The type of waste that was dumped. This is especially helpful if you have to take legal action.
  • Also, you can include any other information that may come in handy in identifying the guilty party involved in illegal dumping, including photographs or videos if possible.


How to Report Illegal Dumping in Perth

You can report illegal dumping in Western Australia by calling the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) or contacting them online through their website. If you suspect illegal dumping of waste, let the EPA know what you have seen and also provide accurate details about all the illegal dumping activities. This will help them in their investigations, and if they manage to identify the culprit, they will take appropriate legal action to ensure the person is punished. Also, the community members can report illegal rubbish dumping anonymously to Crime Stoppers WA since they have partnered with EPA to take action against illegal waste dumping in Western Australia.


How to Minimize The Illegal Rubbish Dumping in Perth

Now that you know how to report illegal rubbish dumping, the next thing you need to do is be responsible for your waste disposal. Some of how you can minimize illegal dumping include:

  • Hire a Skip Bin – If you have leftover construction waste like wood, bricks, tiles, or concrete rubble, then a skip bin is a good option to dispose of them safely and legally. Get your skip bin delivered to the location where the rubbish is generated and then dispose of it appropriately.
  • Donate or Sell Unwanted Things – If you do not want to throw away an item, then donate it or sell it at a secondhand shop. This can be a good option to dispose of the old items that you do not need anymore.
  • Use Local Council Waste Services – If you live in Perth, then there are numerous waste services offered by the local council. You can get your waste sorted at the correct waste facility and be assured that it will be disposed of safely and legally.

Hiring a skip bin minimizes illegal rubbish dumping.

Illegal rubbish dumping is not a good habit and can cost the community in terms of health, cost, and environmental damages. If you live in Perth and are interested in taking action against illegal rubbish dumping, then the EPA can help you with your investigations and actions to be taken. If you want to report it anonymously, then Crime Stoppers WA has partnered with the EPA to help curb this illegal activity.


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