Skip bins are great for residential properties, including multi-units. Whether you are a landlord or you plan to move out of your apartment to a new place, you can benefit from having a skip bin service ready.

Rental properties create a lot of mess and produce several tonnes of waste just like residential homes. It does not matter if you are the landlord or the renter. You have the responsibility to keep things clean and organised, including your rubbish disposal practices.

For Renters Leaving a Rental Property

If you plan to leave your rental home, you may already be overwhelmed with all the things you need to do and take with you. It is indeed a messy undertaking and unfortunately stressful. However, it does not have to be that way. When you have the right tools with you, including a skip bin, you can carry on with the moving process easier.

Backyard Bins highly recommends hiring a skip bin service when moving from one rental home to another property.

You have a long list of tasks to fulfil, including discontinuing utilities, changing your address, and handling your inventory of possessions. Having a skip bin will reduce the stress of trying to fit everything into the moving truck. If you have things you no longer use, such as old furniture, you can turn to a skip bin hire.

Here are some reasons why renters planning to move out of their rental home should have a skip bin ready:

  1. Skip bins are available in different sizes.You may already have an outdoor wheelie bin but it usually takes only 150 to 240 litres of rubbish. For regular waste, it may seem enough. However, moving out will produce more volume of waste than the council-owned bin can handle. You need a bigger bin for all the rubbish that probably represents the number of years you stayed in the multifamily property you rented.

    The smallest you can hire is 2 cubic metres and the biggest is 10 cubic metres. Choose the size that you think is suitable for your situation.

  2. Skip bins offer convenience.You can stuff the items you want to throw away in the outdoor bin. You can also take the rubbish to a waste management facility. Both of these options, however, are extremely inconvenient. There are also limitations on what you can and cannot put in the bins. The last thing you want is to make throwing waste harder for you.

    Backyard Bins promises hassle-free removal of waste once you are done packing and loading. You can simply throw unwanted items and forget about them.

  3. Hiring skips is cost-effectiveWhen you hire anything, you pay money, which may make you think that it is counterintuitive since you may want to avoid shelling out cash at this point. In reality, though, you will make a costly mistake if you do not hire a skip bin when moving out of your rental home.

    Without a skip bin, you will spend more time with the movers whom you have also hired. You will take more space in the moving van or truck because you will end up with more things with you than you need.

furniture removed from house

To enjoy the full benefits of hiring a skip bin, you should use the service for the following reasons:

  • Removing old furniture: If you have broken white goods and old furniture, you can leave them in the appropriate skip bins. From cabinets to mattresses to carpets to bed heads, you can place them in the skip bin you hired.
  • Tidying up inside the apartment: Getting rid of clutter is not an easy task but skip bins can simplify things for you. From discarding general to heavier or bulkier items found in the rental property after the clean-up, skip bins are right for the job.
  • Cleaning up the yard or garden: If the apartment you rented has a garden, you may also want to get rid of a few things in this outdoor area.

Packing and organising your possessions can take several weeks. It is why movers recommend packing at least eight weeks before the big day. As for skip bins, you may want to hire the one that you need at least four weeks before moving. This way, you can determine your options, such as the available sizes and other considerations.

The good news is that Backyard Bins is always available and you can rent a skip bin on short notice.

Skip Bins for Landlords

Hiring a skip bin is not limited to the renters. If you are a landlord, you will also benefit from renting one. Skips are a huge time-saver. A busy landlord like you may not have the time to take care of the rubbish and take it to the closest facility in your area.

You surely do not want to take several trips to the outdoor bin that may not even handle the amount of waste you need to take care of. Even worse is that these bins do not allow several items that you may have to throw out. For instance, these bins should not be used for throwing out asbestos.

Another reason why you may want to hire skips if you are a landlord is that they encourage clear-outs. You must make the rental property as liveable and attractive as possible. This way, renters will choose your apartment over the other options in the area.

However, some landlords can become quite lazy and overly confident. Instead of cleaning and getting rid of unwanted waste, they leave the old items in the property. If you are having trouble enticing potential renters to sign the rental contract, it may be time for clean-up. And if your budget permits it, you can even renovate the property.

In both cases, a skip bin can be helpful. Even better, hiring one can make the process cheaper. You may already have many things to throw away, including damaged furniture and unused objects. The clutter removal process can enhance the look of your property, making it easier to find new tenants.

Here are other situations in which skip bins can help:

    1. You need to renovate the rental property.Renovations are quite popular in Australia, especially with homeowners admitting that they are not happy with their homes. The number of renovations in 2018 hit a record high, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

      In the mentioned year, almost $10 billion was allocated for renovating alone during the September quarter. Homes wanted alterations performed, along with additions and other changes to their existing properties. Even landlords and building owners wanted to perform a certain level of renovation for their rental homes.

      There are plenty of benefits that remodelling can offer. If you look forward to gaining more tenants, it is surely one of the best and most cost-efficient methods out there. Waste after the process should not deter you from getting your apartment renovated. Hiring a skip bin will make everything easier.

      This is where Backyard Bins stands out. Most skip bin companies in Perth and surrounding areas will not accept mixed waste into the bins. They only allow light waste, such as cardboard boxes, paper, white goods, and furniture. However, renovation typically means tearing down walls and removing the old flooring and replacing it with a new one. You will end up with materials, such as brick, concrete, and tiles.

      Backyard Bins will help you get rid of these materials using one bin only. You do not need to hire another bin for these items, giving you plenty of savings. The benefits do not stop here. Renovations can take a while to complete, which is why Backyard Bins provides a flexible hiring period. You can keep the bin for at least five to seven days. However, if you need more time for the renovation project to finish, you only need to inform the management and you will not have to pay extra.

rental property with skip bin

  1. You need to clean the apartment after a rental ended.Some tenants are responsible and would clean the unit for you. However, many will just pack their belongings and go, leaving a mountain of rubbish behind. Even if the tenant did clean up, it is still recommended that you clean it up for your property’s best interests.

    Skip bins ensure that you handle the waste properly. They are also an environmentally-friendly solution instead of giving up the waste to landfills.

  2. Landlords should provide skips for the tenants.Encourage your tenants to recycle and keep the property clean with skips that they can readily use. In Australia, there are wheelie bins that the council has provided for all residential and multi-residential properties, along with commercial buildings. You can hire skip bins in conjunction with the bins from the local government. Be sure to give them adequate information about the bins, including what they can and cannot place inside.

With skip bin hire from Backyard Bins, your work and responsibilities as a landlord becomes much more manageable. Contact us today for more details or to book the right skip for your rental property.


Backyard Bins Team

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