Whether you have a small or large project to do at home or your office, you will have debris, dust, rubbish, and things you break along the way. When you finish the remodel, you will probably have leftover materials like nails, screws, wall trim, light bulbs, and more. Some stuff you can donate, but there may be a ton of items you need to dispose of responsibly including pieces of drywall or insulation.

Skip bins make the job so much easier and safer for you (and those around you). Plus, responsible disposal of rubbish means you are helping the environment.


Four Times When a Skip Bin Works Best

  • Contractor’s request – Renovations make a mess. Sometimes, your contractor will take care of the rubbish as long as you rent the skip bin. Be sure to ask about skip bins and rubbish removal before hiring a construction crew or contractor.
  • Hazardous or poisonous material removal – If your contractor says you have asbestos, mould, or need to use chemicals that require specialised disposal methods, then you might need a skip bin or two for the job.
  • Making things cheaper and easier – Even if you are doing your own home renovation, you will have debris and rubbish. If you plan to do the work over a few weeks or months and want to set the rubbish out with the regular pickup, then you may have to pay more for removing the additional materials. Renting a skip bin may be cheaper in the long run. You can compare costs and see if the time you need the rental will be cheaper than adding a little to your regular pickup.
  • Staying home during the remodel – When you plan to live in the home or work at your job while changes are happening, safety is critical. Whether you need to keep your family or customers safe, a skip bin can take away all the stress. When you have debris all over the yard and the kids want to play, then you have to hope you find every nail and screw to ensure they do not get a sharp object in the foot. If you have customers coming in and out of your office while there are exposed wires or nails, then your responsibility is keeping those visitors safe. Having a skip bin on-site is an excellent way to ensure rubbish is out of the way and does not pose a health or safety hazard.

Your Home or Office Stays Cleaner When You Rent a Skip Bin For Renovations

Rubbish from a renovations projectNothing looks unorganised more than a bunch of construction materials strewn all over your yard, home, or workspace. One of the best ways to keep all the rubbish in one place is to rent a skip bin. At the end of the day, you can ensure construction crews clean up the mess.

Do you feel closed in or stuck in an impossible situation when you are undergoing renovations? Renting a skip bin can keep you organised and sane. Adding rubbish removal to the list of to-do tasks each day makes the renovation neater and prevents the risk of pokes, stabs, scratches, and scrapes from sharp materials.

With regular rubbish removal and end-of-the-day cleanup, your construction area will be safer and help you make it through the project easier. Then, when you get up to start the next day, you will begin with a clean slate and make the task feel less overwhelming.


Protecting Innocent Bystanders

When the mail carrier or delivery driver has a parcel to drop off, your property should be safe. If construction debris is outside, then someone can step on a nail, slip and fall on materials, or get hit with falling objects tossed from upper levels.

A skip bin can ensure you are not responsible for someone’s hospital bills and medical care. It is much cheaper to pay for a skip bin rental than to fork over thousands of dollars for emergency room fees.


Convenience is One of the Biggest Advantages of Using a Skip Bin For Your Renovation Project

Are you new to remodelling? If not, then you probably have a story to tell about regular trips to the landfill. You know how hard it is to load up your vehicle continuously without damaging it and driving miles to dispose of it all. You can avoid the hassle, dusty vehicle, and backbreaking work of lifting two by fours, siding, flooring, and posts several times before you get everything to the landfill.

Backyard Bins green skipSkip bins make your project much more convenient. Imagine stepping outside your office or front door and tossing the debris straight into the rubbish container. Your remodeling job will go much faster and be less expensive than constantly running across town to drop off debris. What happens if you miss the regular operating hours? Then, you have to haul the material back home and waste fuel to bring it back the following day.

Do you know what happens next? You have to make two trips to the rubbish site or find a way to get twice the material to the landfill the following day. If you have to rent a truck or borrow someone’s vehicle, then you have to pay more fuel or someone for their time. Either way, it is more money spent on rubbish removal than you expect. You can avoid all this hassle with an on-site skip bin.

We have a variety of skip bins you can rent. Our services are available seven days a week, so you can call us on the weekend if you work long hours all week long. We can help you decide which size container you need for your project. Our helpful team members will also make sure your rental time meets your needs.

Call Backyard Bins at (08) 9437 3733 today. We can deliver your skip bin tomorrow if you are ready to get going.



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