Whether you’re having an early spring clean, downsizing or simply decluttering now the kids have moved out, a skip bin can help speed up the process. But knowing where to start when hiring a skip bin as a senior can be challenging, especially if your mobility is reduced and you have a limited pensioner budget.

These four tips for seniors hiring skip bins will help you move forward with confidence, safety and sanity!

1. Maintain Your Health and Safety Above All

It’s easy to overdo it when a skip bin is dropped on your driveway — you may feel pressured to fill it quickly and put yourself at risk of injury, strain or fatigue. As a senior, it is absolutely vital that you put your own health and safety first when using a skip bin.

Take your time when moving items from your home or shed to the skip bin, allowing plenty of time to rest between loads. Loading the bin evenly below the edge of the bin will also help to prevent hazards.

If you need an extra set of hands moving heavier items, make sure you reach out to family members, friends or neighbours for help. Try to avoid stacking boxes or household items outside of the bin during the clearing process — not only may something heavy fall on you, but your grandchildren could also be injured by carelessly stacked items.

2. Size and features matter

Not all skip bins are the same, and choosing one that suits your disposal and mobility needs is important. If you’re planning a quick spring clean and your rubbish will be just a little more than a standard trailer in volume, a mini skip bin of only 2m³ may be all you need. Bin sizes incrementally increase in size to 12m³, which would suit an estate clearing or a major renovation.

When choosing a skip bin size, remember that you can only fill the bin to the limit line — choosing a size that is slightly bigger than your predicted waste needs can help allay your anxiety when filling. To make sure your skip bin suits your mobility needs, opt for a bin that has doors and a ramp to allow for easy access. Flexible hiring periods are an added bonus, allowing you to fill the skip bin at your own pace.

3. Get a great position

Where your skip bin is placed can be a crucial aspect of your workflow. If your skip bin is placed too far away from your home or shed door, you may find yourself exerting excess energy moving waste.

Before your skip bin arrives, take a moment to consider the best position. Ensure the path to the skip bin is clear and hazard-free and wide enough to allow wheelbarrow access if necessary. Chat with the skip bin deliverer upon arrival to work out the easiest, safest location for your skip bin.

4. Get the best price

The price for your skip bin will depend on the type of waste you are disposing of. Consider your waste needs before you book your skip bin — you may find it is more affordable to hire two separate bins for general and for green waste, instead of opting for a mixed waste solution.

Many skip bin rental businesses also offer a discount for concession or pension card holders, so don’t hesitate to ask when you book. It’s also important that you know the parameters of the hire:

  • Will there be an extra fee for extended hire?
  • Can I dispose of car batteries without an additional fee?
  • Is a labourer available to help me move heavier items?

With a comprehensive quote and clearly defined hire limits, your skip bin hire will be the easiest part of your home clearing process. For help working out the best skip bin size and solution for your needs, contact Backyard Bins today for helpful, senior-friendly advice.


Backyard Bins Team

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