Even small landscaping projects can result in a large amount of green waste and debris. As the project gets larger, you may find that you need more than a few bags to handle the weeds and other debris that can’t be burned.

Many garbage removal services either limit the amount of green waste they will take or prohibit it all together. If this is the case, then you may need a skip bin rental. Before you order your skip bin, here are some key points about using those bins specifically for green waste removal.

What Qualifies as Green Waste

The first key point you should know before using a skip for green waste is what actually qualifies as green waste. Some of the items that are considered green waste are branches, grass clippings, leaves, old mulch and pine straw. Depending on the waste bin company, you may be able to put shredded paper and biodegradable food into the green waste bin.

If your landscaping project consists of mostly plant-based cleanup, land clearing and garden upgrades, then a green waste skip bin would be ideal. If you have items that you aren’t sure will be accepted, check with your skip bin company. They may have rules regarding green waste that allow for other items, such as landscaping boards and garden bed wood.

What Can’t Be Put in a Green Waste Bin

Some of the items you may think will be suitable for a green waste bin are actually not. These items consist of flower pots, stone, certain types of treated wood, patio brick and concrete. Though these are part of landscaping, they are not biodegradable in most cases. They can be recycled into other items, resold or sent to an industrial plant for recycling.

To avoid putting these items in the bin, take a few moments to evaluate your project. Look over what you will be doing and what waste will be created. This is essential to decide if you will need an additional skip bin and to ensure you do not occur fines or fees for placing items in the green waste skip bin that should not be there.

Tips for Using a Green Waste Bin

Once you decide that a green waste bin is what you need, consider the following tips. These tips will help you utilize the bin properly and make sure you get the most out of the bin rental. The first tip is to consider the scope of your project and how long it may last.

For example, if you have a large yard with several garden beds and land-clearing tasks, then you will likely need the bin for several days or longer. You will also need to have it cleaned out at least once before the end of the project. The clean-out schedule can be set up during your consultation and discussion of the scope of the project.

When you order the skip bin, make sure to have it placed in a shady environment. If the bin is in the heat, the heat can react with the green waste and cause an odor. Placing it in the shade will help to reduce the odor and keep the green waste from degrading faster while you are working on your landscaping project.

If you believe you will need a skip bin for your landscaping project, contact Backyard Bins. We can help you determine the right size of bin for your needs. We can also help with pricing and any scheduling or questions you may have. Once you have ordered the bin, we will deliver it to your property and remove the bin on the scheduled date.


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